A Buying Guide for Horse Sprays

There are different varieties of horse sprays on the current market. Buying a fast-acting and effective spray will make your horse pest-free this summer. The different options of fly sprays used for spraying these animals include wipe-on, concentrated formula, premise spray and ready to use. Buyers can find here the best fly sprays to use for their horses.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Horse Spray

It’s Ingredients

The ingredients used in making a spray determine how effective it is. Individuals who want to buy natural repellents or are concerned with chemicals should look for those products that contain essential oils.

Number of Horses That You Want to Treat

Homeowners who are applying the products regularly or who are treating many horses should go for aerosols fly sprays. These sprays don’t require a lot of work. All that you need is to hold them down when spraying. Those who are using the traditional sprays are required to spray their animals constantly.

How Often are You Planning to Be Spraying?

Oil based products are ideal for those people who spray other horses more often since these spays can last for long. Most companies advertise that their products can last for about two weeks, but you should remember that their animals are tested in air-conditioned facilities. In reality, an effective spray should be capable of protecting the animal for about three days. Making regular applications is highly recommended.

Top-Rated Fly Sprays

Pyranha Fly Sprays

This is a great product from Pyranha Company. Pyranha have two effective solutions for spraying horses, both of which that are citronellas scented, ready-to-use and contain lanolin. These products are helpful in conditioning the coat and making the sheen healthy. One of the products is water-based while the other one is oil based. The later is very useful because it can’t be washed off by rainwater. On the other hand, the water-based product will make the animal coat cleaner since it will not accumulate debris or become greasy.

UltraShiled Ex

You will find many flies during summer or hot summers. This is the same time that you find horses in the field. Summer days are sweaty and extremely hot. You should use a pest-resistant product during these months to contain flies. Such sprays have been formulated with multiple conditioner and sunscreens such as lanolin an aloe that keep the animal’s coat happy and healthy.



Endure Sweat-Resistant Spray

This spray was developed by Farnam’s to control flies in wet and sweaty conditions. This product is effective and long-lasting. You can use it to keep your horse fly-free for up to 14 days. This spray is well-designed to endure the rainy and hot summer months. It comes with a special conditioner that sticks on the animal’s hair giving the animal long-lasting protection.…

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happy dog

Three Ways to Overcome Flea Infestation at Home

If fleas attack your pet’s pet, the nail can spread throughout the house. This condition can make the home unhygienic and disrupt the health of family members. How to get rid of cat lice that roam the house is not impossible, but you must be diligent in handling it so that the mites do not return, as well as dog lice. Read more to find out how to get rid of cat lice at home. You can also try these steps as a way to get rid of dog lice at home.

Treat Your Pet with Medications

How to eradicate dog lice at home must begin with treating the animal in question. You can try using a special flea killer shampoo or soap sold at drugstores or pet stores. Read and follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. If this method fails, you should try consulting a veterinarian to find a more appropriate treatment.

Exterminate the Indoor and Outdoor Fleas

liceUsing a special pet flea spray is one way to get rid of cat fleas. At home, the parasites like to hide on dirty carpets, in the folds of sofas, under furniture, in beds if your animals sleep with you, and other dark places. Spray these places.

If you have a garden and a balcony with plants, spray using an insecticide spray medicine for plants. You can also use professional pest control services to spray homes and gardens safely.

When spraying homes and gardens, make sure you protect food ingredients and sources of clean water. Give children and pets until the air in the house returns to normal.

Do a Regular Cleaning

vacuuming bugsCleaning the house ensures that you cut the life cycle of fleas in the egg and larval phases, not just visible bugs.

Wash dog or cat beds with hot water. If the fabric of the bed can be washed in a washing machine, put it separately from your clothes and use the hottest temperature according to the care label. Also, wash pet toys with warm water.

Vacuum on the sofa, carpet, and curtains. If necessary, bring the rug to a professional carpet cleaner and wash the curtains in the washing machine. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag once it’s finished in. Lice like to hide and lay eggs in it.

You should consider buying a vacuum designed specifically for pet’s hair. Parasites spread throughout the house from your pet’s fur.

Sweep and mop the house with floor cleaning liquid to remove flea eggs. If the house floor is made of wood, you should use a vacuum cleaner to effectively remove fleas or lice eggs that hide in small cracks. Wipe all surfaces in the house with a cleaning spray.…

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